Fund Raising

Support for children, the elderly, and families that's our focus. You contribute, buying a gift from our Store. It's Up To You!

Helping Hands

We invite Volunteers to assist with community projects. Contact us via this link and we will get back in touch with you ASAP. Thank You!


Our aim is “to improve the welfare of others”. We focus on children's health & safety, the elderly in need and families. Please Support H.O.P.E.

Our Mission

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A community and business initiative of the Hope Foundation. We connect people, promote local businesses, and support local people in hardship.

Help The Homeless

Affordable housing, unemployment and poverty are touted as the main cause. HOPE offers Shelter, Clothing and Food, as our strategic response to helplessness.

F.A.T. Water

Water Acqua पानी Wasser น้ำ νερό 水 cai ນ້ໍາ biyo
Filtered And Treated drinking water & waste water.
A project about quality, availability and management.

F.A.S.T. Support

Children and the Elderly are our most vulnerable in society and at times need Immediate Support, so we launched the Family Assistance Safe Tag (FAST)


Friends United Network (F.U.N.) is a HOPE initiative. Business Partners with Hope support our Care Bag Distribution program, as foundation members of CBD.

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Wellness Online Network

Making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life is essential, when creating your roadmap to happiness. Our online education for all ages is Free ...You WON!

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Tim O'Dea

You Can Be A Part Of HOPE...

Are you interested in helping out?

There are lots of ways that you can become involved : . as a community projects volunteer, join the Friends United Network, buy a F.A.S.T. tag, or become a member of - whatever your skills or strengths, promotions, media, marketing, cooking or photography...


Please support our > > > not-for-profit community initiatives!

Our Projects

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Homeless H.E.L.P.
Glass of Water for a Child
Filtered Water
K.I.D.S. programs
Roadmap To Happiness
F.U.N. Food

because of our partners we are doing good things for more people!

We need your help!

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logo-Johns Photos

Lisa O'Dea

With a lifetime of real-world experience, some that people should not have had to go through, Lisa shares her love and hope for a better future, along with her qualifications and a lengthy track-record of assisting communities and each day helping others less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you Lisa!

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